Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Beauty of the Earth

Today as I sat in the car traveling to the other missionaries in my district to get our car back from them; I was watching the view from the window. I saw lush green trees that were thick with leaves as green as could ever be. I saw fields with corn as tall as myself and fields with soybeans that were about 7 inches above the ground. I saw countless rolling hills covered with the vegetaion and trees. I thought to myself. This is a beautiful place. Our Heavenly Father created us a beautiful place to live. I'd like share the following hymn. " For the beauty of the earth, for the beauty of the skies, for the love which from our birth over round us lies. Lord of all to thee we paraise, this our hymn of grateful praise." We have been blessed with beauty all over the earth. Each region in our country has many types of terrain that is unique to that area. When I got my mission call to Nashville I didnt think it would be this green and beautiful. I thought it was flat, hot and very dry and dead. But it isn't at all. It is some of the most beautiful landscape I have ever seen! Lots of green trees and plants and grasses galore! It has many rolling hills and little groves and is very pretty and unique.

 This is a picture of the Alaska Range that is right out the front door of my granparents house. When you step out of the door two things happen. First you hear the silence. It is dead quiet with no busy highways or interstates nearby. Second, you are over taken with a view that leaves you breathless. You have a smaller mountain range off to the left, and the Alaska Range in front of you all the way to the side of you. Then behind you, you have some rolling hills. There is so much beauty there that its hard to take it all in. It leaves your mind wanting more but you can never absorb all that there is to take in.

I hope you enjoyed some of the extra photos I added of Alaska. I just wanted to take some time to stop and ponder the beauty of the Earth. I hope that we all can take the time to stop and take in the beauty of the earth. The Lord has blessed us so much with this earth that he has created for us. I hope we can all remember to slow down and take in the scenery. I am so thankful for the earth that we have been given. I enjoy the nature so much. The earth is truley beautiful enough for me!

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  1. Beautiful Shawn, it is always good to stop and realize that everything is a gift from the Lord. I think that some of the most powerful spiritual lessons are given and received surrounded by the beauty of nature. We take our kids on hikes a lot and have talked about how the things that surround them testify that there is a God. We share the scripture D&C 59:18 with them and talk about the gifts that He has given us.

    Keep doing such a great job:)