Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Power of Emma

This song really portrays what Emma Smith really went through. I never really knew how much pain and affliction she went through. She had some major trials that she had to work her way thorugh. Being the wife of a prophet was not easy. She lost many of her new born children. Would have her home broken into as mobs would come in and wrestle Joseph out of bed as they dragged him out to the street to spread tar over his body and beat him. Take a minute to stop and ponder this question: "How much can one heart take?" Put yourself in her shoes. Could you have done a better job with her challenges and circumstances. Could you honestly really handle it better? I personally believe that none of us ever could. She was called and she was chosen for this task of being the prophets wife. I know she never lived an ordinary life. Always there was something going on to disrupt her life. For everything she loved she had to pay a price. The struggles that she had to go through are far more harder then mine ever were. I know with out a doubt that she was chosen to be by Joseph's side.

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