Thursday, June 9, 2011

There is Hope!

When we are going through times of trial thats when Satan can easily get us. He feeds off of us when we are lost or are struggling rally bad. He knows our weekness and knows how he can get us. His temptations turn into rails of sin. But through the Atonement of Jesus Christ we can look ot the heavens and we can look to the skies. WE can find redemption starring into our eyes. That is because of th esacrifice that Jesus made for us. We can be forgiven because of him. We have to repent of the things we have done. WE have to promise not to do them again. But we can be redeemed through him. Theres victory in the Lord, cling to the Father and his holy name. We have to keep the commandsmnets that he has given us and be worthy members of his name. We have to do the things that are pleasing to him. Satan is just waiting on our hearts to say "lt me ride on that long black train." He doesn't want to work to make corrections in ourlives. He wants us to give up and get on that train and take the easy way out. "It sounds so good but i must stay away." We need to remember th is. It will always sound good to give into whatever temptation we have that might seem to bring us temporary happiness. Bu thats all it is. Temporary. We must stay away and clong to the Fathers name. In this there is peace.

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