Saturday, June 4, 2011

Livin On A Prayer

This song has a lot of truth in the lyrics of it. It is describing a love story but deep sown in it it has another message. A message that really displays all of us found here on the earth. While here on earth "we have to hold on to what we got, it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not." We have been given the gospel and now we have to hold onto it so that Satan wont get us. He trys to get us in any possible way that he can. And by dang it he has some clever ways. However "we are half way there, livin on a prayer." Thats what we are doing. Every day we are living on a prayer. we pray in the morning and at night and however often we need to during the day. We pray to our heavenly father to give us strength and courage and peace throughout our day. Then as we pray earnestly with all our faith then god will reach down and say "take my hand we'll make it I swear." He will lift us up. He loves us and wants to help us after we have tried our best. We can pray to him always. I hope this song has helped y'all out there to see it in a different way. "Livin on a prayer!"

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