Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day!!!

Its finally here! Mothers Day! Now I get to share with you my thoughts about the wondrful Mothers out there. So I was raised by a wonderful mother who I love very much. Sadly I did not share that with her very much. Since I know she will be reading this I leave these words. "I love you very much mom! Happy Mothers Day! Your the greatest person in the world!" I want you to know that. 
 So why do we need mothers? First, mothers are the most amazing creatures in the world. They go through they pain of bringing us into the world, or so Im told. I really dont see how they can have pain if they are full of drugs that numbs them. Anyway beside the point. They then got the wonderful privilage to raise us up. The mothers job is to nurture. She spends her days raising us up and caring for us. Personally they get the crappy job if you get what im saying. They get to change dirty bums and all that fun jazz. But their job is to teach us while we are young to be good citizens and members of the church. They teach us to be obedient and to listen. Not to steal. How to respect others and help others out when someone is in need.
Sometimes being a mother isn't easy though. I would like to share an example that I have seen out here recently with  a new convert that we have teached. Jennifer is a mother of two little boys. Jordan who is four and Jace who is one and a half. She isn't married. Her ex whatever he is doesn't pay his child support. She has no job. Has nobody to watch her kids so she can go find a job. She has faced eviction from her apartment. Has had her water turned off. Barely has any food for herself, let alone her two little boys. It is very heart breaking to see. She has to do all of the parenting skills now. But she has been blessed and is being blessed. Things are looking up for her.
 Mothering isn't always going to be easy. But women are blessed with that calling and I see why. They help prepare us and shape us into what we can become in the future. Just kind of like how a potter shapes clay into a design. Our mothers do the same. Lets take some time this Mothers Day and really thank them for the things they do for us. Because we really would be in trouble without them to guide and teach us.  Mothers are a fine commodity. Happy Mothers Day Mom. I love you!

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