Saturday, May 21, 2011

Planting the Seeds!

stock photo : Green grain field, early spring
This is a picture of a newly planted grain field. As one looks at it, it clearly portrays how the little grain seed has sprouted underneath the soil and has started to grow up out of the soil. The result is a field filled with the light green aurora of the little blades of grain starting to grow up from the soil. Below the surface a vast system of roots are being to spread wide to retrieve the water and nutrients in the soil to provide its growth. In the next few weeks the plant will grow taller, and its roots will expound under the ground.

  Now the Wheat is "in the boot." Which means it is starting to head out. The plant has reached its potential height and the beards of grain are forming and are starting to show themselves. Now where does this all come into play as members of the church? We are the ones who are planting the seeds in the hearts of our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers, and our families. We have to be the ones who shares our thoughts, and beliefs of the gospel with them. Ask them questions that makes them reflect on the things that they believe. Or ask questions that gets them curious about the gospel. Then you have to keep watering them and give them fertilizer to help them grow better. Just like you have to do to the wheat. They then have to take time on their own to study what they have learned about for themselves. They have to pray to our loving Heavenly Father to know for themselves. But we have to continue to help them and to keep contact with them so they don't quit and die. We have to prepare them to mature.

This is the wheat in its ripe stage! See how the beards are formed. They contain the hard seed that is the kernel of the grain, the wheat kernel. That is where we have to get our investigators to. They have to get to that stage where they are ripe and hard and ready to be harvested. They need to be in that golden stage! That's when they are all ready. They have done the research on their own that has been needed to be done. They have received the personal revelation that is required of them to know for the truths themselves.
Wheat Harvest

This is the end result. The grain is being harvested. All of the little grain kernels are being collected. As missionaries that's what we do. We go out and harvest and collect the kernels. We do that by baptizing by the immersion of water. That is how we collect the seeds. Now at first things might seem smaller but in time they add up. Look at how many members of the church there are. Over 14 million members. Thats a lot of kernels collected. May we be more diligent in preparing our friends, neighbors, and co-workers for the gospel so that the missionaries out there in the world can do the harvest that they have been called to do.

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