Saturday, April 23, 2011

The People of the Land

This week has been a struggle to blog about. I really dont have much to share. So I want to take the time to just share about the people here. Last week we baptized to youngsters. We had Blaine who is about 20 and had Kain who is about 18. These two young men are just amazing. They both like to come out with us and is a very special way for us to teach our investigators. These two young men get to share their testimonies with everyone they meet. It is a good way to show our investigators how these two young men decided to take the discusions and why they chose to join. Whenever they share their testimonies there is a special spirit that comes into the room. I really love the fact that they keep asking us if they can come out with us. It shows me how they are truely converted. They want to come out and help us help others. I cant believe the enthusiasm that they have for the church. It is simply amazing. This Church has to be true because Heavenly Father just doesnt prepare these people for no reason. Im so thankful to be here in Murfreesboro to meet these two young men who have helped change my life being out here as a missionary.

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