Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Waters of Baptism

We have some amazing investigators here in Murfreesboro. The work has been pretty busy. We have a baptism  date set with a kid named Blaine  Its been great because Blaine has been coming around with us as we go out and contact people and as we teach those who we have appointments with. He gets to explain why he he joining this church and the investigator gets to see an example of someone who is being converted and how it has changed their life. Its such an incredible feeling.
 So Blaine was with us when we had our first visit with Kain is this amazing teenager. Kain is really searching for the happiness of what our gospel seems to offer. 
 As we are teaching Kain a week later about the Plan of Salvation, we invite him to be baptized. He declines saying he really needs to pray and think about it. So we move on in our lesson and like a minute and a half later he randomly says he wants to be baptize. Me and Elder Heeb are freaking out cause we are so excited. Long story short he is saying he is thinking about serving a mission. Hes not even baptized yet. It is so amazing! The Lord is blessing us so much right now! Im excited for the excitement that Blaine and Kain are showing about being baptized and also about serving missions.  The Lord is preparing his children for greater blessings. Its great.

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