Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Warnings for Our Day!

Yesterday I experienced something incredible. It was my Preparation Day. I was at the Library at MTSU campus doing my emailing to my family at home. Over the intercom a voice repeats, "Attention everyone, a tornado warning has been issued for the MTSU campus. Everyone Report to the middle of the building on the main level." Everyone stops what their doing and starts heading down to the main level. We are all gathered in the library on that bottom level, away from any glass.
We were warned by a voice that we needed to stop what we were doing and immediately go down to saftey. We have just experienced a wonderful General Conference this past weekend. What a great experience it has been to hear from our beloved prophet and from the wonderful General Authorities.
Just as we were warned to go down to safety; we too are warned today. Our prophet and those apostles working with him warn us today! They tell us what we need to know about how to stay safe. Let us all remember to follow their council and warnings, so that we may be safe from the storms. We will be blessed if we do.

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